About Us

McClellan Foundation
1489 W. Warm Springs Rd.,#110
Henderson, NV  89014

(702) 433-8030

About Us - Who We Are

  • We are a non-profit Private Foundation composed of individuals who are family members and/or friends who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces

Our Goal

  • Our goal is to raise $250,000 yearly to use for support of our services to injured U.S. Armed Forces personnel

What We Do

  • We offer three levels of support for injured U.S. Servicemen:
    • Immediate - Financial support for transportation (gas cards), Communication (phone cards), Lodging (hotel vouchers), and medical needs (credit cards for bandages, ointments, etc.)
    • Intermediate - Contact Information for local Medical personnel (doctors, clinics, specialists who accept Tricare)
    • Long-Term - Contact Information for Veteranís Administration offices and personnel who can help our servicemen

How We Do This

  • Private Fund-Raising
    • The Scott McClellan Family will contribute the initial amount required every year to support The McClellan Foundation
    • Private donations will be accepted through our website - 100% Tax Deductible ***
    • Calendar Donations
      • 12-Month Calendars with images of servicemen wounded during active duty who have recovered
    • Charitable Events
      • Banquets, Online Poker Tournaments, and other public events (only when deemed legal by the U.S. government)
    • Partnering
      • We will provide financial support to other organizations who may have established similar programs and have immediate need of our services

Guidelines for Our Services

  • All recipients of our services will have to provide proper ID - DD214 with a purple heart (Injured during combat)
  • First Phase Donations will focus on injured Marines and Corpsmen
  • Second Phase Donations will focus on injured Army solders
  • Third Phase Donations will focus on Injured Air Force Airmen

*** You should contact your certified public accountant or tax expert to verify all charitable contribution requirements - We are a 501(c)(3) IRS Registered - Non-Profit Organization - EIN-26-1374280


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